Relieve sore calves

No doubts heels look fabulous! They make you look (and feel) taller and smarter but a good reason not to wear them is soreness of calves. While elderly people will agree with me, I know the teenagers and ‘just entered thirties’ would kill me for writing this!

So folks.. Here’s how you relieve sore leg muscles after a long walk in heels..

  • Give It Cold Compression: If you are feeling excessively sore down there in your legs, give it an ice pack therapy in the first forty eight hours of muscle injury or trauma.
  • Hot bathing: Pamper yourself Girl! If your pain persists after 48 hours despite the ice therapy..Go get a warm shower. You can also give the area a nice hot fomentation by wrapping your leg in a towel drenched in warm water.
  • Oat meals for sore muscles: It can be thighs, hips legs or shoulders and arms. If the soreness is persistent in troubling you, arrange a bath tub, fill it up with warm water and pour a packet of oats(not the ‘ready to cook’ one).
  • Go Chemistry: Remember how we used to hate chemistry lectures back in high school? Here’s a salt to your aid! Magnesium sulphate(aka Epsom salt). Fetch a sachet. Add about 20gms of this salt to a bucket of lukewarm water. Bathe or simply soak your legs (or whatever part of you is crying with pain) and phew!! its gone!

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