Wish to live king-size?Are you embracing lifestyle diseases?

Changing times have certainly given us numerous facilities and amenities, but at the same time, jeopardized our health and happiness. A number of diseases that were unknown to our ancestors, are now prevalent and increasing both in intensity and rate of occurrence. Such diseases categorized as Lifestyle Diseases are a result of faulty lifestyle that we have conveniently adopted in an attempt to make our lives more comfortable and modern. A few habits which seem harmless but actually contribute to the aforesaid diseases are:-

  • Sedentary lifestyle- Using elevators instead of staircase, preferring desk jobs instead of field work, using vehicles for commuting small distances, using gadgets for simple household jobs have made life easy. Although life has become way to comfortable, problems such as hypercholestrolemia, diabetes, arthritis etc have creeped in.
  • Faulty Dietary Habits- Junk food, Ready-to-eat foods, packed convenience food, aerated drinks, Artificial colours and preservatives have led to obesity, cardiac problemsand diabetes.
  • Excessive stress and Reduced relaxation- With the world turning more competitive, every individual is living under stress(Psychological Stress). High ambitions and competitive nature have given rise to hectic and erratic work schedules and thus, lack of adequate rest and relaxation(Physical stress). Besides stress at work, people are emotionally stressed (progressively reducing emotional quotient) i.e. people are turning self-centered and egoistic which adversely affects interpersonal relations(Emotional/Mental Stress).



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