Are you ‘spiritually’ healthy?

Health is a state of complete physical, mental & social well being. This is the commonly accepted definition of health. A yet another dimension which deserves mention in this context & is extremely important especially in the modern times is the spiritual one.

Spirituality is quite vast in its parameters. Spirituality does not necessarily include one’s faith in God or any other supernatural power. Spirituality means having clear thoughts & moral values. One’s life may not possess longevity but it must possess quality. A person can experience the beauty of success in the form of happiness & satisfaction through good deeds & even a short life which is full of happiness & satisfaction can be perfect.

Contentment & satisfaction are two important components of a spiritually sound life. Being satisfied with one’s own possessions & avoiding negative feelings like those of jealousy, envy, ego-centricism, pride & complexes help to fight against one’s own weaknesses as a human being.

The current scenario of the world- cross border terrorism, communal riots, murders & rapes, rage & honor killings- is it not the negative feelings dominating the human heart? In fact we are always creating an emotional atmosphere around us & that then bounces back upon us. It is easy to lose faith in humanity than to believe in. When we see so much suffering, greed, interpersonal conflicts, we feel touched. This itself shows that deep down we all do realize that we are made for love, beauty & goodness. If you want to bring out the best in others you have to create the right context for it. Be sincere & you will find people around you sincere towards you. Every person actually owns a magnificent heart, passion, desire & sensitivity but it lies dormant within, waiting to be invoked. Everyone has a desire to love & be loved , to serve & be served and to contribute to humanity, to comfort the sufferers & to avoid wrong doings. This still small voice is ofcource within ourselves. When young, this voice is loud but as we grow older  & intelligent, we tend to suppress it somewhere deep within. And this happens because of pride &ego with which we want to sail in the society. The cry of pride & ego echoes in every heart in every household, every relationship & in the words & actions of people world over. Failing to realize how much they affect those around them, people today are completely focused on their own desires, goals & aspirations & trying to defend their own power, autonomy & pride which are superficial as well as temporary.

Though difficult to explain how spirituality is related to health but certainly body, mind & spirit are intimately connected & do form a single unit. Research shows that spiritual health definitely prevents some health problems & helps to cope with illness, stress &fear of death. Spirituality is unique to every individual. Your spirit refers to the deepest part of you. Spiritual wellness makes a person discover the meaning of his life in his very own way. It makes him add worth to his life. Being spiritually healthy, you must feel a sense of worth, hope, purpose, commitment, significance &peace i.e. have a positive outlook towards life. Spiritual deficit leads to a feeling of emptiness, apathy & conflict in the psychological sphere. 

Spiritual health is an important component of an individual’s well being & an integral part of holistic health philosophy. At times of stress, most of us experience fatigue, loss of energy & appetite at physical level & discomfort & discontentment at the mental level. Thus, nourishing the soul and taking care of the soul with regular meditation & adequate rest, is as important as nourishing the physical body with food, water & exercise. Meditation & positivity enriches the spiritual health with comfort, harmony, purpose, hope, strength & inner peace of life. Positive beliefs & prayers contribute in some way to sound health & impart a sense of euphoria. 

The basal instincts of man usually overpower him at various stages of life, to conquer which, one needs to firmly describe the boundaries of spirituality around him or her and strictly abide by certain basic moral values. This will enable him to gain spiritual health & lead a beautiful life less of stress & tension but full of happiness, contentment & joy personally, physically, mentally, socially & spiritually which man has been striving for since life began..