People, as old as those belonging to the Vedic era, the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians always turned to plant and animal sources for curing their ills. Be it leaves, bushes, crushed seeds or pressed flowers; be it animal body parts or insects: or even mud, minerals or pieces of stone, they have used it for treating various ailments and disorders. It was only after thorough scientific research that we realized the value of our natural resources, flora and fauna as healing agents. The age-old concept of acupressure in China and the Shamanic treatments are both examples of ‘Folk-cures’ practiced even today.

Often, we avoid going to medical practitioners and physicians for everyday ailments and turn to our grandmas for advice instead. Nearly every family has some traditional ‘cures’ that are religiously followed, when a member falls ill and most of the time they work like magic! Peppermint tea for diarrhoea, chicken soup for common cold, ginger tea for cough, aloe vera flesh to whiten teeth, crushed neem leaves for acne, tea-tree oil for ringworm, Flaxseeds for gastric and peptic ulcers are just a few examples of home remedies that have passed down from generation to generation. From bee stings to menstrual problems, warts to asthma and bruises and cuts to cervical or lumbar spondylosis, your very own kitchen seems to have solutions to every single ailment! 

To be continued….





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